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Foreign Direct Investment

This Round Table project has been a work of curation, data collection, and mediation in a short amount of time. With immense support from our experts and members, with whom we had personal and Round Table discussions, we were able to assess and arrive at practical workable solutions to the issues of Foreign Direct Investment and Doing Business in Pakistan. It has been felt by all our members that this conversation has sparked new hope and ownership over the economic state of Pakistan and that the Round Table and Report should continue to expand.

The issues shared, while mostly common, are greatly aided by the targeted and tailored solutions sector-wise.

The creation of a trust system by the private sector would be a great boon for Pakistan, as the need to reconnect with investor confidence is vital in our landscape. The wings of this trust system and the pipeline by which investors will be protected, i.e., expert certifications, dispute resolution, liaison network and guarantee system, shall continue to expand and refined by subsequent models that will attempt to create a marketable product for a new potential industry built around investor’s trust.

The Board of Investment, a welcome participant in our conversations, is a deeply supportive public organization whom all our private stakeholders would look to for guidance and to help solve their problems. It became evident that while the interest and desire to aid the private sector existed within the BOI, they suffered from capacity constraints. Thus, our recommendations highlighted strengthening their role and creating partnerships with BOI, as well as other governmental organizations, to aid them in accomplishing their goals. It is assumed and hoped that by doing so, such Round Tables would gain audience to allow better policy consultations that may be owned by the private sector. As gaining trust is not just between foreign investors and Pakistan, it is also between the private sector and the government which by shifting policies lost its credibility.

Thus, it is expected and hoped that the solutions shared by this Round Table will help decrease issues faced by Foreign Investors and that subsequent Round Tables will be able to tackle many facets that could not be addressed in this Report.

Syed Akbar Hussain

Partner/Team Lead

SAZH Consulting LLP

We hope to see you all again for our next Roundtable

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