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Foreign Direct Investment 
Background & Context


The objectives of this project were to gather data from the relevant individuals in the private and public sector, both within Pakistan and internationally through individual and informal interviews/discussions and by mediating Round Table discussions in an effort to analyze the key obstacles, legal or practical, in inviting Foreign Direct Investment and doing business in Pakistan and to  generate solutions for the issues raised in this process.

Literature Review - Current FDI Regime in Pakistan: Policy & Statutory

Pakistan has implemented its long-term goal of protecting and promoting foreign investment by incorporating it in its policy framework.

Background & Historical Context

Pakistan, a country with precarious foreign exchange reserves and increasing debt situation, needs to prioritize and devise new strategies for foreign capital mobilization.

Literature Review - Review of Investment Policies

In the first twenty years after the independence of Pakistan, only three out of twenty-seven basic industries were state-owned (Khan et al., 1999).


This report aims to identify, analyze, evaluate, and determine the obstacles and impediments to foreign direct investment in Pakistan and seeks to find solutions and potential remedies to these obstacles, over a two month process.

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