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SAZH-TAF Report on FDI


This report aims to identify, analyze, evaluate, and determine the obstacles and impediments to foreign direct investment in Pakistan and seeks to find solutions and potential remedies to these obstacles, over a two month process.

The research used qualitative methodology and has relied predominantly on primary sources bolstered with secondary sources. A total of thirty-five questionnaires in a form/survey format were distributed and filled out by leading experts from across various professions related to foreign direct investment. These included leading lawyers (local and international), leading accountants, diverse group of businessmen, international investors, venture capitalists, experts from the stock exchange, experts in the banking industry, particularly micro-finance and NBF, experts in the power, telecom, audit, tourism, food, pharmaceutical, crypto sectors, experts from the World Bank, experts from think tanks, and senior officers from various government departments, including the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Board of Investment, Ministry of Energy (Power Division) Ministry of Law, Ministry of Commerce, Capital Development Authority etC.

Subsequent to the aforementioned surveys, 24 personalized one on one interviews/discussions were conducted with these experts to dig deeper into the issues formulated in the surveys.

This eventually paved the way for a Round Table discussion where fourteen stakeholders from across various sectors were invited to exchange their insights and expertise on the focal issues of how the existing laws, and system, act as a hindrance to attract foreign investors to invest and international businesses to work in Pakistan. This was then followed by navigating the viable solutions that can be implemented. The insights and solutions shared by the surveys, interviews and Round Table have culminated in this report.

Our Experts and Members who have contributed to this Report have done so in their personal capacity. Nothing that they have shared with us or has been reproduced here in this Report is indicative of any stance or opinion held by their respective organizations. The term “Expert(s)” and “Member(s)” will be used interchangeably, in this Report, to reflect the individuals who joined this project to share their valuable insight on our subject matter.

The secondary sources used in this report include newspaper reports, op-eds, academic papers, books on investment related issues and reports by various independent organizations.

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