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SAZH-TAF Report on FDI


The objectives of this project were to gather data from the relevant individuals in the private and public sector, both within Pakistan and internationally through individual and informal interviews/discussions and by mediating Round Table discussions in an effort to analyze the key obstacles, legal or practical, in inviting Foreign Direct Investment and doing business in Pakistan and to  generate solutions for the issues raised in this process. The data is then fed into this Report, which maneuvers to effectively sift and organize the information gathered through our interviews and Round Tables. The specific objectives are listed below:

  • To examine the barriers, legal and otherwise, within the existing domain that hinder foreign investment and doing business in Pakistan;

  • To understand the perspectives of all the relevant stakeholders and mediate solutions between them, which can be implemented by the private and public sector;

  • To provide policy recommendations that the relevant government departments should take into account to remove or mitigate the aforementioned barriers.

  • To provide implementation plans to the private sector, to address the issues raised and improve the FDI landscape in Pakistan

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