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Foreign Direct Investment

Trust System - Overview

A key proponent of this Round Table and Report was participation and ownership of the private sector

Trust System - Liaison & Coordination Network

Our experts expressed pressing concern about the lack of coordination and lack of access to the bureaucracy or policy-makers to ascertain the recent and updated policies, as well as seeking assistance for their projects

Economic - Foreign Exchange

While it was agreed that repeal of the Foreign Exchange Act, 1947 would not be practical, what could be executed was a surgery of the Foreign Exchange Manual to allow better clarity and consistency, with existing policies


Our experts expanded at length about the benefits of SEZs and other mechanisms to attract FDI

Industry - Microfinance

Our leading experts suggested a solution whereby a grant or insurance body could be created for insuring micro-loans by the Microfinance industry

Trust System - Certification & Training

The key policy takeaway from our members concerning this issue was to improve capacity of local talent and spread competition, with trainings and infrastructure building

Trust System - Guarantee and Vetting System

To address the concerns of foreign investors in correctly identifying the market, it was shared that as various incubators exist which are promoting startups, the investment protection pipeline should look after the interests of the investors by creating a guarantee and vetting system

Law - Arbitration Law

Unanimously, our Round Table sought the amendment of the Arbitration regime

Industry - Power

Some recommendations brought up by a leading professional in the power sector were that once a Power Purchase Agreement is executed, renegotiation should not be allowed to ensure certainty and consistency. Thus, building investor confidence


akistan is a signatory to CEDAW and must comply with obligations under it

Trust System - Dispute Resolution

Pakistan needs modern dispute resolution. Our experts, particularly from the legal world were adamant that ADR needs to be promoted and inculcated in all our processes and contracts

Political - Board of Investment

The issue of political stability runs much deeper and is much more nuanced than any one individual and solution

Taxation - Tax Advice

FBR should create a portal on its website for investors to provide prior tax opinions

Industry - Telecom

Most of what our experts shared from the Telecom sector were common issues such as inflation, foreign exchange regulation, lack of trust system and inconsistent policies. However, there were certain issues, that were shared, that are specific to their sector, which have been briefly reiterated here

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