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SAZH-TAF Report on FDI

Trust System - Liaison & Coordination Network

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Our experts expressed pressing concern about the lack of coordination and lack of access to the bureaucracy or policy-makers to ascertain the recent and updated policies, as well as seeking assistance for their projects.


Thus, the Round Table affirmed that the trust system through its investment protection pipeline, should encompass a liaison and coordination network, through which the relevant departments, ministries, and focal staff in each could be contacted, so as to ascertain the information or assistance required


As BOI was the focal point during the Round Table, it was suggested that the model liaison network should first begin with BOI, and then expand to other ministries, many of which were part of our Round Table and expressed their willingness to assist in the matter. It was clear that as this was a task involving the expertise of numerous individuals, which would not be practical to collect under one roof, it should be promoted as a private initiative for the legal and consulting sector to take up. As these networks grew, collaborations would inevitably take place, as well as competitions, all of which would be beneficial to the investors and the trust system.


Hence a Model Liaison and Coordination Network be created within the Model Trust System in connection with BOI, to create linkages and transparency between the private and public sector. The same can then begin to map out with BOI, the various stakeholders pertinent to each industry for publication on BOI’s website.

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