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To Analyze and Solve the barriers to


In Our

Foreign Exchange Regime

In Collaboration with

We are proud to share that our SAZH-TAF FDI Report is completed

You can read the unabridged version below

We hope to see you all again for our next Roundtable

We are now excited to launch our next roundtable on Foreign Exchange Regime

Abstract Surface

Our Mission

Our first Roundtable was an amazing success, comprising of various members and experts, out of which we were able to compile the SAZH-TAF Report on FDI, and its accompanying Policy Brief. Under the same, it was highlighted that the existing foreign exchange regime of Pakistan, prevents free flow of capital out of Pakistan, due to which various investors are hesitant in investing.


Thus under the SAZH Liaison and Coordination Network, the next Roundtable was proposed to uncover the issues faced by investors in remitting funds out of Pakistan, and the potential solutions that can be devised to improve the FDI Trust System of Pakistan.

Our Objective

Invite a diverse and experienced group of people to the Roundtable

Discuss the problems that they experience while transferring funds out of Pakistan

Brainstorm on possible solutions with them both on a public and private level

Publish a comprehensive report of our findings and discussions

Share policy briefs with the relevant stakeholders, including government departments, chambers of commerce, etc

This Project is being conducted in collaboration with The Asia Foundation

Our Process

June 10-21

Invite Experts to the Roundtable

Share Form to be filled based on their experiences


June 23- July 20

Conduct interviews with our Experts to understand the deeper problems

(Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing)

July 21-August 15

Hold Roundtable meetings so our Experts can share and brainstorm amongst a diverse group of people to arrive at solutions to our collective problems

(Roundtable meetings can be conducted in person, or through video conferencing)


August 15-30

Finalize and Publish SAZH-TAF FDI-FER Roundtable Report

Create Policy Brief

Share Policy Brief with relevant stakeholders and implementation partners

SAZH-TAF FDI-FER Roundtable Form

Please tick the questions below if your answer to them is yes

If you do not tick the above, your contributions will be anonymized

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like to recommend people for our Roundtable, please contact us. We would be happy to invite as many stakeholders and experts as possible


For any information, clarification or just if you want to talk to us, please do not hesitate to contact us at


+92-331-4848940 (Office Number)

You can also directly contact the Project Head, Syed Akbar Hussain


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