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Our work with The Asia Foundation and other US-based investment promotion entities have particularly enabled us to be the premium and reliable consulting firm in Pakistan. Our Liaison Network is baked into the SAZH-TAF Trust System to allow our clients the pertinent information they need to create their investment strategies. Our partner firms, such The ADR Initiative and The Training Initiative provide you with essential protections you need to enter Pakistan, with a dedicated dispute resolution center, and certified experts from various industries to advise you on your particular transactions.


We have had the pleasure of working with various research and policy think tanks and donors. Our work has allowed us to bring reforms in the realm of dispute resolutions, FDI and various other. Our network of experts is primed to advise and guide us on the state of affairs and directions for the future. Our expert teams of researchers and report writers have allowed us to work with various organizations, from which the public papers are the SAZH-TAF Report on FDI. We are excellently positioned for projects that wish to establish progressive and sustainable policy reforms in Pakistan.




Our Senior Consultants are amongst the pioneers of ADR in Pakistan and with an extensive history as Arbitrators and Mediators, we are excellently equipped to resolve any dispute to the absolute satisfaction of our clients



With decades of experience of our senior consultants and advocates, we are in a position to address all disputes in all forums, from tribunals to the Supreme Court with an impecccable record



Navigating the tricky planes of Pakistan's Real Estate Market, we advise and guide our clients through land disputes and acquisitions in the most appropriate route available.



Consultants to the largest and most reputed companies, we advise and facilitate them in all matters regarding their organization, legal or managerial.



Advisors to all the banks in Pakistan, we have been monumentally responsible for many of the structure and regulation matters, as well as all litigation that banks have in various forums in Pakistan.



As our senior consultants are Chairs of various Human Rights Organizations, we are deeply motivated to protecting the basic human rights and actively participate in taking actions to safeguard those rights.

Energy & Power


Our team and consultants have been intimately involved with a lot of Energy and Power projects in Pakistan, ranging from advising the Government Organizations and the Private Power Producers. Many of our consultants have been Ministers of Energy and Power Ministries and can guide you on their operations and policies with absolute confidence.

Our Work



We at SAZH believe that the law is a service and a lawyer belongs to the noble profession of law and it is his duty to perform and deliver that service with dedication and devotion.


It is our resolve that all our clients receive the best and utmost in quality service with efficient delivery and a team of lawyers who are able and willing to function in a professional environment.


Founded in 2014 by Former Chief Justice, Lahore High Court and Judge, Supreme Court, Justice Sayed Zahid Hussain with Syed Akbar Hussain, the firm was established for the provision of excellent legal service and dispute resolution in the modern world with a wealth of experience of our senior consultants.


In 2019, Syed Akbar Hussain took up the helm of the firm and converted into a full service consultancy. He became the Country Head of ADR-ODR International in Pakistan and brought them to Pakistan with their dispute resolution portfolio. He founded the ADR Initiative to promote ADR in Pakistan and added Mediation to the Firm's portfolio of services.


We have  expanded from serving our Corporate Clients to Media Enterprises, Banking Institutions, Charities, Government owned Companies and various other entities who demand impeccable quality and professional services. We are honored to claim an intensely passionate work ethic and an entirely satisfied client.


The Next Step is to help and assist those who need it but may not be able to afford it or access it. Hence, this site has been created to provide the service that we believe is the minimum right of every individual who tries to live in this world of growing complexity. We will help you and guide you to navigate it so that you may live, thrive and achieve the best of your potential.


In doing so, we hope to do our part to give back to the world..

Our Vision


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